India’s top telecom operator Bharti Airtel launched an innovative data sharing plan for its 3G customers, through which you can share your airtel 3G data usage with your 2 more airtel friends, family or even devices.

Airtel Data Sharing Plans - Share 3G Data Usage with your Friends

To avail this plan customers need to recharge with Rs 1000 which will provide 5 GB built-in 3G sharing data, post that unlimited free at 80 Kbps and have a validity of 30 days. Customers can share this 3G data usage with two other Airtel subscribers or two other devices that use Airtel numbers. For sharing the data customers need to register their friends mobile ( Airtel numbers) by SMS “DATA SHARE ADD mobile number” or by visiting

How it works ?

  • Say hello to the world of data sharing – register with Airtel by dialing *141*555# and entering your airtel mobile number to start sharing data with your friends.
  • Create a common bank – Recharge your airel mobile number with Rs 1000 in order to enjoy 3G data with your friends.
  • Bring your friends along – Make your friends your data buddies by adding the airtel mobile number of their mobiles or devices
  • Manage your bank – Manage your data buddies and your 3G data usage
  • Say hello to the world of data sharing – create your data group along with our data buddies
  • Know your data boss – Find out who is your data boss and know about your data bank
  • Be the data boss – Recharge your account with Rs 1000 to become a data boss
Airtel 3G Data Sharing Plans - How it works
Airtel 3G Data Sharing Plans – How it works

so go forth and shout out loud – jo mera hai, wo tera hai!

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