Not able to completely use the allocated data in a month and yet paying your monthly broadband rental in full? Well, now there will be zero internet data wastage. First of its kind in the industry, one of India top broadband provider Airtel has introduced data rollover facility for its broadband customers.

The scheme is way similar to what Airtel offered for its Postpaid mobile subscribers, back in July 2017. The data rollover facility allows you to carry forward any unused data in a month to the next billing cycle.

Airtel Broadband launches Data Rollover Facility - Carry forward Unused Data

Airtel has introduced the broadband data rollover facility for its home broadband customers, including the V-Fiber subscribers. With this, all your unused monthly data will be carried forward and added to the data benefits of your next billing cycle. So, you never waste any data that you pay for and it offers great value for money.

Airtel Broadband Data Rollover Facility
  • Any unused broadband data in a month will be carried forward to the next billing cycle.
  • This allows ‘zero wastage’ of internet data and value for money.
  • You can accumulate up to 100GB of data via the data rollover facility.
  • Airtel Broadband customers can avail the data rollover facility free of charge.

Airtel Broadband customers can carry forward and accumulate up to 100 GB of data. You can keep track of your broadband data usage and carry forwarded data via MyAirtel App.

This innovation in the broadband sector comes as part of Airtel Project Next. A digital innovation program from Airtel that aims at transforming customer experience across all of its services and touch points.

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