The current trend is like people moving to the super high-speed wireless 4G network and stopping their fixed line broadband services. Still in this tough situation India’s second largest wired broadband service provider Airtel has achieved a milestone – two million home broadband subscribers. To celebrate this achievement the operator has rolled out ‘Airtel Surprises’ for its subscribers. Under this, you can get free additional data benefits on your existing broadband plan.

According to the latest Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) telecom subscription data, Airtel got around 2.03 million wired broadband customers. More users joined the broadband service after the launch of ‘Airtel V-Fiber’. The superfast wired broadband solution that can offer speed up to 100Mbps. The connection was available as a free upgrade to all existing Airtel broadband subscribers.

Airtel Broadband crosses 2 Million users, offers Surprise + Extra benefits on Bundling Airtel Accounts

Coming back to the surprise, Airtel will be offering additional data benefits at no extra cost. If you are an Airtel Broadband subscriber you will get free additional monthly data top-up with your existing broadband plans. Do note that the free data you get will depend upon your existing broadband plan, monthly rental, account status (how long being Airtel customer) and location. In addition, if you are lucky enough, you can get free access to Airtel Movies.

How to avail Airtel Surprises

  • If you are an Airtel Broadband subscriber, log on to Airtel Surprises [] web page.
  • Fill in your broadband ID or landline number with STD code and click submit.
  • For eligible subscribers (Airtel Broadband subscriber as of 31st December 2016), they will see the surprise additional data benefit under the offer.
  • The addition data will be added as ‘Free Data’ under your monthly broadband plan within 72 hours.
  • This free data will be valid as long as you remain subscribed to the Airtel Broadband Plan and the data will accrue each month.
  • You also stand a chance to receive free Subscription to Airtel Movies.

Bundle Airtel account for extra data benefits

In addition to the Airtel Surprises, the broadband service provider is also packing extra benefits under myHome Rewards. If you link your Airtel postpaid or Digital TV connection with your broadband account, you can get 5 GB extra monthly for each connection. So if you have two Airtel postpaid users at home, you can link them to your broadband account and avail free extra 10 GB of data every month.

How to bundle Airtel accounts with Broadband

  • Login to your Airtel Broadband account or visit myHome Reward [] web page.
  • Add your Airtel Postpaid or Digital TV account. You can add up to 25 postpaid or Digital TV accounts under one broadband account.
  • Validate the connection and confirm your request via SMS.
  • Once authenticated your broadband account will be credited with free 5 GB of extra monthly data for each connection.

Do note that this free extra data benefits will be valid for the lifetime or till you close your account. The free data benefits will accrue each month and shall be credited and exhausted along with the monthly quota. Also, the additional data will be having the same speed as of your subscribed broadband plan or there won’t be any FUP limit for the free data.

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