As most of the techies (and others) in IT firms and startups are forced to work from home, they need a secure way to communicate and collaborate. Introducing Airtel BlueJeans, an enterprise-grade video conferencing solutions for businesses in India from the strategic alliance of India telco Airtel and Verizon.

The main highlight of this video conferring tool is its enterprise-grade security. It meets the stringent security needs of banks, healthcare providers and other organizations. The telco is calming to provide video, audio and any content transmission using AES-256 GCM encryption. In addition, it uses enterprise-level security features include meeting lock, secure transmission and storage, randomized meeting IDs, participant passcodes, fraud detection, and a variety of authentication options like two-step authentication. Adding more to this, the telco assures that the Indian user’s data are stored locally.

Airtel BlueJeans Video Conferencing for enterprises

It somewhat an answer to its biggest rival Reliance Jio’s recently launched JioMeet. As netizens pointed out, the whole privacy policy and terms of usage cast doubt on the data-sharing policy of JioMeet.

Airtel BlueJeans Video Conferencing in India

BlueJeans is actually Verizon’s enterprise-grade video conferencing service. As part of the partnership between Bharti Airtel and Verzion, the telco is launching the service in India under the brand name – Airtel BlueJeans.

Just like any video conferencing solution, Airtel BlueJeans helps you to communicate and collaborate across mobile, desktop, browser and conference rooms. As it uses WebRTC and HTML5 standards you could connect to a meeting just from your web browser without requiring any software downloads.

The technology is also fully integrated with Airtel’s network, including its data centres in India. Thus you get low latency, reliable and improved quality of service. It also comes with an integrated audio solution or dial-in options to join a meeting.

Currently, the Airtel is targeting the enterprise customers in India with Airtel BlueJeans. However, in a later point, the telco may offer the solution to regular users.

As for pricing, the Airtel has not shared any details regarding this, but it would be segmented at three levels – large enterprises, medium enterprises and small companies. The telco will bundle the video conferencing solution with their existing business broadband plans. There is a free three month no-cost trial period, which companies can avail by registering on the Airtel site.

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