If you got an ACT Fibernet broadband connection at home then you can spend more time downloading and browsing the internet. India’s third largest ISP provider has almost doubled the data quota and FUP speed limit on all its broadband plans for customers in Delhi. This increase in data and speed comes at no extra cost on any of the broadband plans.

ACT Fibernet is one of the unique service providers who offer equal upload and download speeds. You can upload data at the same high-speed as the download. Also, the provider counts upload fair usage policy (FUP) separate from your download FUP limit.

ACT Fibernet doubles Data and Speed on all Broadband Plans for Delhi customers

Back to the upgraded broadband plans, ACT Fibernet now offers 50GB FUP data at 20Mbps speed for its ACT Basic broadband plan. Earlier the same plan offered only 30GB FUP data at 15Mbps speed. The ACT Bronze broadband plan got double data and now offers 100GB FUP data at 40Mbps speed. Earlier the same plan offered only 50GB FUP data at 30Mbps speed.

The increase in data goes all way up to the ACT Phenomenal plan where you now get 650GB of FUP data at 125Mbps speed for Rs 4999 per month. Earlier the same broadband plan offered only 550GB of FUP data. All broadband plans come with unlimited internet usage even after you have crossed the FUP limit. Only the broadband speed will be limited to 2Mbps or lower based on your broadband plan.

ACT Fibernet Broadband plans (Delhi)

Broadband planPrice (Rs )Old PlanNew Plan
  SpeedFUPSpeedFUPSpeed after FUP
ACT BasicRs 74915 Mbps30 GB20 Mbps50 GB512 kbps
ACT BronzeRs 99930 Mbps50 GB40 Mbps100 GB512 kbps
ACT SilverRs 119940 Mbps75 GB40 Mbps150 GB512 kbps
ACT GoldRs 149960 Mbps100 Gb75 Mbps200 Gb512 kbps
ACT PlatinumRs 1999100 Mbps150 GB100 Mbps250 GB1 Mbps
ACT RemarkableRs 2999100 Mbps300 GB100 Mbps375 GB2 Mbps
ACT ExceptionalRs 3999125 Mbps400 GB125 Mbps500 GB2 Mbps
ACT PhenomenalRs 4999125 Mbps540 GB125 Mbps650 GB2 Mbps

The increased FUP data limit will be automatically applied to all existing subscribers for free starting from 23rd February 2017. New customers will be able to choose from the above plans while applying for a new broadband connection.

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