There seems to be a mad gold rush in the number of tech-savvy consumers who want to get their hands on the latest object of admiration – a tablet PC. And with new tablet PCs mushrooming very few weeks, picking one which suits you best can be tasking.

Here’s a list of five essentials you need to take into consideration when looking for perfect tablet:

1. Tablet Design and Build: Make sure that a tablet is handy, easy to work with and light enough to carry around. It is not necessarily true that an expensive tablet is also the most durable one. Ideally, it is advisable that you choose a tablet which weighs around 350-600 grams for 7.0-inch and 10-inch options respectively.

Also take into consideration the orientation of different buttons and keys on a tablet, to make sure working with the device is hassle-free.

A Tablet Buying Guide - 5 Things to Look Out For

2. Connectivity Features: List out connectivity features that are most important to your purpose. All tablets support Wi-Fi, so it is easy to connect them to your home or office network. Most tablets also have a SIM slot to support 3G data services but for the ease of function, you could just connect your tablet to your 2G/3G services by hosting a Wi-Fi on your smartphone itself. Additionally, look for tablets with Bluetooth with A2DP or Stereo Bluetooth. A USB port is also an essential feature to look out for, especially if you prefer to carry data around in a flash drive.

3. Memory and Processor Specs: If you prefer carrying a bulk of multi-media files, it is advisable to opt for a tablet with at least 8GB storage or more, even though standard tablet memory starts off at 2GB. Also, all tablets apart from iPad have microSD slots that allow you to expand memory on ‘as needed’ basis.

Another crucial factor is that of the OS running the tablet. Although iOS is a popular pick, Android-run tablets are the most preferred. Additionally, make sure the tablet has at least 1Ghz processor support.

4. Media Support: HD-video support is one of the most basic requirements in terms of media support. Make sure your tablet is capable of delivering across various media formats. Also, take note of camera quality and if you Skype, see if the device has a front facing camera.

5. Battery Life: Although a subjective matter, a tablet that delivers a run time of around 7-8 hours is considered a good buy.

Make sure you know what you expect from your tablet to asses if it works for you or not.

The article is written by [email protected] Digital Stores. 

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