Thought people will be doubtful in paying for a service, they enjoyed almost a year? According to a survey conducted by Bank of America Merrill Lynch (BoAML), 84 percent of Reliance Jio users are willing to subscribe to Jio Prime membership. Out of these users, around 70 percent prefer to recharge for Rs 303 per month to continue enjoying the benefits they are currently getting for free.

BoAML recently conducted an online survey among 1000 Jio users across India during a period from 18th to 20th March 2017. According to them, Jio could achieve breakeven with 60-135 million subscribers paying an average of Rs 290 per month.

84% of Reliance Jio subscribers to take Prime membership - BoAML report

Some of the key finding from survey

  • Almost 65 percent of surveyed users use Jio as their primary SIM and a quarter of them using it as secondary SIM. But do note that most of the 4G devices sold in India have 4G available only on primary SIM slot.
  • Around 57 percent of the surveyed Jio subscribers responded that Jio’s 4G speed was much faster than other telcos. Over one-third agreed that speeds were faster but were inconsistent.
  • Fewer than 40 percent of those surveyed said that Jio’s data speeds have slowed over the last few months.
  • Around 66 percent of Jio users faced difficulty to connect their voice calls to other networks. Thanks to the Point of Interconnection (PoI) issue with other telecom operators.
  • 41 percent of the surveyed Jio subscribers believe the network coverage of Jio is superior. But a larger 42 percent felt it was on par with other telecom operators.
  • Importantly around 50 percent of the surveyed users said Jio’s free promotional scheme attracted them to use the service.
  • As for data consumption, around 75 percent of the surveyed users use the free data limit to download and save videos, an equally large 72 percent used Jio to watch videos online. Over 45 percent of the users used Jio for watching live TV.
  • 80 percent of Jio users recall their Jio number and 92 percent have shared it with their friends.
  • Almost 95 percent of the surveyed users will pay for Jio services.
  • The Rs 303 plan seems to be a big favourite with nearly 70 percent of the surveyed users. Only around 10 percent of the users said they will choose a lower plan.

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