People are usually concerned about their twitter followers. There have been a lot of rumors that followers are sometimes paid to stay connected. That’s not the case. You need to build up something in order to attract real followers. Here are 6 methods to get real twitter followers:


Good content is all what you need to tweet to get twitter followers. If you are a company, publish your newsletters, and there is nothing wrong in publishing your business card even.

Not only that, you should publish any informative news you find and give your comments on it too. Share your perspective about happenings around!


Interaction is the key to your success. Communication has never and will never let you down. If you are a company, you first you need to reach out to people who are your customers and tell them that you have the same interests as they have. Send out special e-mails to them, make them feel special. Tell your customers that you are now on twitter, and that you’ll be answering their queries more regularly on twitter. If in case, you can’t answer any question, you can connect them to some other network through which they can get their answer.


Twitter is all about sharing. But not everything needs to be shared. Whatever you share on twitter must make you stand out from other people. If your followers want some solutions to their problems, share links to forums, blogs which provide a solution to their problems.


You should stay updated about the problems of your followers, their demands and their expectations from you! Join forums and keep track of what they think of your company, the shortcomings (if there are any) and stuff like that.


Staying updated is where only 30% of the work gets done, when people ask and when people demand, you need to respond them. You need to tell them how important they are to you and answer their queries at the right time. Be consistent about it. Solve their problems and direct them to a new path. Best and long lasting relationships are formed when you give and take. Join the people; answer the general queries even if it’s not related directly to you.


Most of the people or companies are not consistent in replying to their customers. The only argument they can give for this fact is that they do not really get to know who is talking about them. When twitter has a solution to this problem, why do you worry? All you need to do is to sign up for a good tool such as TweetDeck, HootSuite or TweetRiver which will let you help know whenever someone mentions you, or mentions about your company or re-tweets the links posted by you!

Apart from the manual observation, you can use a link shortened through which you can track how many people click on the links shared by you.

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