If you want to try making good money online, you can start by participating in Google Adsense program. However, if you are newbie, first remember this caution. Never click your own Adsense ads. Most newbies get banned by Adsense very quickly because of this bad practice. Now, if you are ready to make money with Adsense, here are 5 ways to earn good money from Google Adsense:

1. Optimized niche blog

You can create a blog about a narrow topic and create one post a day. Fill the blog with keyword-optimized articles. Place the Adsense code below each post title and after the end of each post. Don’t choose a too broad niche. Make sure that you are familiar with the niche and you will enjoy writing one article a day for your blog. Once you get lots of readers, you will start to see your earning.

2. Youtube videos

Post one or two Youtube videos around good keywords every day. Make sure to post useful content in the video. How to and tutorial are good for your videos. Once you get good number of views, you can place Adsense code in your videos. Just make sure that you are creating videos that can potentially attract viral traffic and lots of viewers. Aside from how to and tutorial, funny videos and video game videos are good types of video that will attract lots of viewers.

5 Ways to Earn Good Money from Google Adsense

3. Revenue-sharing websites

If you like writing articles, you can find several revenue-sharing websites that will split Adsense earning with you. You can write articles on any topic, and it is more flexible for you. Find hot topics to write. The advantage of using review-sharing websites is that you don’t need to do the SEO work for your articles because these websites already have good page rank and strong SEO power. You just need to optimize your articles for the keyword that you target.

4. Micro niche websites

You can create several websites that talk about different topics, then you can buy some PLR articles and post those articles in your websites regularly. Make sure that you choose your niche with high paying Adsense keywords. This method requires medium amount of investment. Micro niche websites are good to attract more targeted Adsense ads. Just make sure that your micro niche websites are targeted to higher paying keywords.

5. Squidoo

This is one of the best free ways to earn money from Adsense. Squidoo is a reliable web 2.0 property that will allow you to create lens. You can create as many lenses as you want in any topic you are comfortable with. Additionally, you will be able to earn good earning from Adsense. With many modules you can choose, you can easily optimize each of your lens to have good search engine ranking and good click rate for your Adsense ads.

Those are 5 ways to earn money with Google Adsense. Although you can start earning right away, don’t expect to get rich in just one month of using any of the methods above. Consistency is what will give you good advantage for long-term.

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