Maybe you have heard of Spotify through your friends, or seen it on people’s Facebook feeds, and now you have decided to give it a try. Here are five bits of advice to help you navigate the site and use it effectively.

Non-Facebook Friends

You do not need to be Facebook friends with anyone in order to share their music library with them. In order to add someone, you simply search for their username, clicking on their profile and clicking add. It is that simple.

Using Ctrl+F

It can be difficult to search through all of your MP3s, so Spotify has created its own search that speeds the process up and makes it more user-friendly. All you have to do is type Ctrl+F and a drop down list will let you type in what your searching for, continuously update as you keep typing, and it will search through all songs, albums, and artists.

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Don’t Use Gracenote

Spotify automatically imports all of your songs, so to avoid any wrong tagged songs, it made Gracenote to automatically fix the wrong names. The problem with this is that it doesn’t filter very well so properly tagged items may also be corrected, and it can mess up the way you have personally arranged all of your music.

Facebook Update Settings

The default setting for Spotify automatically feeds onto Facebook every time you change your playlists. Many people may feel uncomfortable with all their friends knowing exactly what they are listening to, and other people don’t want constant updates of what you are listening to.

To do this, don’t unlink it from your Facebook account or you’ll lose the songs you share with them, just click on the gear icon above the list of friends, and click to disable Facebook postings.

Block people

Some people like to spam up your inbox with dumb songs that you don’t want to listen to, so luckily you can block them so they can still get your songs, but you are not stuck listening to theirs. All you have to do is right click on that person and click block. Or you can also remove them.

These five tips will help you work better with, and get the maximum potential out of, your new Spotify account. If you have found any other useful tips that aren’t included, leave them in the comment box below.

This is a guest post from Pat Lindle, who is a social media manager.

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