5 Characteristics of Attractive Email that Will Get Read

Do you have problem with your email response rate? While email marketing can be profitable for you, you can’t maximize your profit with email marketing if you don’t have the ability to write attractive email that will get read by your subscribers. Here are 5 characteristics of attractive email:

1. Email that contains valuable information

The first thing that will make your email more attractive is to include valuable information in your email. What is valuable information, exactly? Valuable information is information that is worthy for your subscribers, i.e. information that doesn’t waste their time. Valuable information is something that can enrich the life of your subscribers and give them some improvements in their life or toward solving their problem. You are giving valuable information in order to give your subscribers some help to solve their problem.

2. Email that contains new interesting information

People are looking forward to new shiny things every day. Something that is new and interesting will always catch people’s attention. People are always buying the new gadgets to enrich their life, and will continue to do so as long as those gadgets keep coming in. In email marketing, you can use this fact to make people engaged in your mailing list. Every time you send them an email, make sure that it contains new interesting information that your subscribers want to read.

3. Email that addresses your subscribers

It is important to personalize your email message. Don’t just address your subscribers with “Dear subscribers” or other generalizations. You have to address them by name. “Dear Jake” or “Dear Rob” is much better than “Dear subscribers” or “Dear website readers”. Personalized email will tend to have better response rate.

4. Email that contains urgent message

People are usually intrigued with something that feels urgent. When the emergency alarm starts ringing, people will take action immediately without hesitation. Email that contains urgent message will motivate your subscribers to take action, although not as strong as the emergency alarm. At least, your subscribers will read your message. So, write an email header that contains a sense of urgency. It will attract more people to read your message immediately. However, the content of your email must fulfill your subscriber’s expectation (i.e. it contains useful information, not mere advertisement). Otherwise, they will be hesitant to take further action.

5. Email that contains solution of your subscribers’ problem

There are very rare instances when email marketers spend their time to answer subscriber’s question. For example, have you ever ask your subscribers to send you their questions concerning their problem? Perhaps, you are only giving them information without asking them any question. This is a typical case of regular email marketer. You can increase your response rate if you spend some time to get in touch with your subscribers. Instead of treating them like marketing objects, you can interact with them, help them, and make sales along the way.

If you have problem with your email response rate, make sure to send attractive emails to your subscribers. Those emails will get read by most of your subscribers, and you can improve your response rate in this way. Those 5 characteristics can be your guidelines to make your next email more interesting.

Contributed by Timothy

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