Without a fast internet connection, several transactions would be difficult to be carried out through the internet. Companies and individuals are spending thousands of dollars to secure a good working internet connection but many aren’t satisfied with what they are experiencing with their internet connection service. A lot of internet connections are made to be fast in terms of speed delivery but after a while the users will become frustrated with the poor delivery rate they are experiencing with its delivery speed.

Are you also frustrated that your internet connection speed is too poor? Are you tired of having to wait for several minutes before your internet connection is able to load a given page? If so, then you are in the right place, because you shall be seeing some tips that will help you improve your browsing speed.

Make Your Computer faster

One of the terrible things that will slow down the performance of your internet connection is when your computer is slow on its own. Slow computers can’t give space for a fast internet connection. In other words, you need to make your computer work faster before you expect your internet connection to perform fast.

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Remove unused files from your computer

There are several computer files on your computer and those files can be compared to the load on a lorry climbing a hill. The more loads on the lorry, the slower it would climb the hill. Some loads are useful while others are just there for nothing.

To make your computer faster and thus increase the speed of your internet connection, you’ll have to start removing the files that are not useful but are still on it. You need to check every folder on your computer and make sure the files that are in them are still relevant to you. If you notice that there are some old files you won’t need again in some folders on your computer you must remove them in order to have more space on your computer’s hard disk.

Check Your Computer for Viruses

Viruses can cause your computer to become slow in performance. If you are not careful of the way you receive files on your computer, you may fall victim of virus infection. There is more harm that a single virus can cause on your computer than you may think.

Install an antivirus program on your computer and run a virus system scan on your computer. After you must have installed an antivirus program on your computer, make sure you are keeping it up to date regularly to prevent a virus from entering into your computer.

Defrag Your Hard Disk

Another effective way to make your internet connection faster is to defragment your computer’s hard disk. Disk defragmentation helps your computer files remain organized after your hard disk must have fragmented them. Deleting old files and replacing them with new ones on your computer will trigger disk fragmentation and make your computer find it difficult to open the files you’ve stored on it.

It is recommended that you run disk defragmenter on a regular basis to ensure that your computer’s hard disk is in good shape. You should also avoid running disk defragmenter when your laptop is running on battery.

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