Hotmail Migration - Outlook reached 400 million active accounts

Microsoft sold 100M Windows 8 Licenses, reaches 250M SkyDrive and 400M active Outlook users

Slowly moving towards a milestone Microsoft during a Q&A section revealed that it sold more than 100 million Windows 8 licenses. This number includes Windows licenses that shipped with a [...]

Microsoft brings Cloud Storage service SkyDrive to Android

Microsoft brings Cloud Storage service SkyDrive to Android

Android users now got more cloud storage options, Microsoft has rolled out its cloud storage service SkyDrive app to Android devices. Now we got to make a choice between the [...] Preview Inbox

Microsoft revamps Email Service with bringing in new UI and Features

Taking immense competition from Google's popular email service Gmail, Microsoft has completely revamped its email service and announced the preview of - modern email designed for the next billion [...]

New Office 2013 Unveiled

Microsoft unveils new Office 2013, Download the free customer preview today!

Microsoft Corp. CEO Steve Ballmer unveiled the next illustration of the popular Office platform, the all new Microsoft Office 2013. The new office is well optimized for Windows 8 OS [...]


Use SkyDrive’s 25 GB as a Mapped Drive for Easy Access [TIP]

SkyDrive is an online storage system included in Windows Live, which gives you 25 GB of space that you can sync to your desktop. This post will help you to [...]