Google flatter redesigned logo

Google, Yahoo and Bing get redesigned with Brand New Logo

It seems tech giants are revamping itself to the modern internet world, as Google, Yahoo and Bing has unveiled completely redesigned logo giving them a new identity. To start with [...]

LinkedIn revamped Mobile App with refreshed UI experience

LinkedIn revamps Mobile App with refreshed UI experience and Richer News Stream

Professionals can now engage better in world's top professional network LinkedIn, with its completely revamped mobile phone experience on both Android and iOS app. The brand new app is designed [...]

Facebook Old News Feed Share Option

Facebook testing out new Post Sharing Option UI in News Feed

It look's like Facebook is revamping itself in every aspect of User Interface (UI), after the recent redesign of User News Feed, Facebook has now build a new Post Share [...]

Facebook New Feed - Before and After layout

Facebook overhauled the News Feed getting Inspired by Mobile

Facebook finally ditched its years... old user New Feed with an mobile inspired more vibrant and colorful New Feed. At an event held at Facebook HQ, Mark Zuckerberg unveiled a complete overhauled "New [...]

Twitter new Header Photo on Mobile devices

Twitter profiles get a redesign – brings in Header Photos

Twitter, the popular social media site goes for a profile redesign on users and brand pages with the introduction of 'header photo'. The new cover photo resembles that of Facebook [...]

Google new Navigation Interface

Google Testing Out Bing Styled Navigation Interface

If you are using Google search too much a day, you may get lucky and get involved in some of the limited test Google do with the search page. Today [...]


Ways To Design Kid Centric Websites Successfully

Everyone loves the kids in general for their innocence and pure feelings. However, making something to keep them engrossed and interested for long can prove to be quite daunting. This [...]